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Heat Pump Accessories in Nova Scotia

Heat Pump Shelters & Wind Baffles to Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Heat Pump

At Kings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we understand the harsh Atlantic weather can take a toll on your heat pump. That’s why we offer a variety of heat pump accessories to protect your investment and ensure your equipment runs effectively all year long.

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Heat Pump Shelters

We’ve got you covered! Protect you heat pump investment with a heat pump shelter! These aluminum protective shelters help to extend the use of your heat pump by protecting it from being buried in snow and ice in the winter, which can restrict air flow. They also provide shade from the hot sun in the summer, allowing the unit to better cool your home.  

Heat Pump Wind Baffles

If you live near the shore or in a high-wind area, it is important to protect your heat pump from the damage that extreme wind conditions can cause.


Our sturdy wind baffles keep wind, rain, snow and debris out of your heat pump’s fan case. Our custom-made wind baffles are fabricated in our sheet metal shop located in Cambridge, NS.

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