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Commercial HVAC Services in Nova Scotia

Expert HVAC Installation For Your Business in Nova Scotia

Trusted Source for HVAC Installation

Kings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is happy to consult with you on your business needs, and advise you on the implementation of all the ventilation, heating and air conditioning components needed for your facility. Our extensive experience with HVAC Installation throughout Nova Scotia can be a resource to you in designing a system that is reliable, energy-efficient and affordable. Our certified HVAC-R technicians, electricians, and sheet metal journeymen will install your commercial HVAC system efficiently, effectively and to the highest of safety standards.


Commercial HVAC solutions for a variety of business types & sizes: 

  • Multi-family residential properties 

  • Food service facilities such as restaurants and bakeries 

  • High-rise and low-rise commercial facilities such as hotels, retail stores, apartments and office buildings 

  • Industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants and warehouses 

  • Institutional facilities such as hospitals, schools and government buildings

Seasonal Maintenance Programs

Kings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning’s scheduled maintenance program will protect the investment you’ve made in your commercial HVAC.


Nova Scotia’s climate places heavy-duty demands on your system. Regular seasonal inspections, cleaning and HVAC service will ensure that your HVAC works reliably through our hot, humid summers, and harsh winters.

Quality HVAC Repair

You can never anticipate HVAC repair. When something does go wrong, it has the potential to affect your business operations.


To ensure business runs smoothly, our team of certified technicians is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide quality, efficient repairs for your HVAC system.

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