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Commercial Chiller Units

Chilling Unit Solutions for Nova Scotia Wineries & Breweries

Chilling Systems

Kings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers industrial chilling solutions that go far beyond standard HVAC and commercial refrigeration to support all your winery and brewery refrigeration needs. Whether you’re a small craft brewery or a large winery, we have a solution to meet the very strict temperature requirements of your industry.

Request a FREE consultation today to find out how our knowledge of the brewing, distilling and wine-making industries will ensure that your equipment installation runs efficiently, on time, and on budget.


Some of our brewery system installation expertise includes:

  • Specializing in refrigeration, HVAC, piping, and chilling systems 

  • Glycol chilling systems

  • Ammonia chilling systems

  • Chilled water piping

  • Beverage and raw material storage

  • Food and beverage manufacturing HVAC

  • Water, air and ammonia cooling systems

  • Glycol chillers

  • Industrial refrigeration equipment

  • Clean in place systems

  • Supply and installation of chiller packs, pumps and heat exchangers

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance and repair

  • Repairs and service to chillers and pumps

  • Recirculation pipe work

  • Supply and install cold store rooms and freezer rooms

  • Climate control for barrel storage area

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