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Heat Pump Maintenance

How to keep your heat pump running optimally 

Read this before calling

Many frequently asked questions or concerns can easily be fixed by referring to the information below. Save yourself a potentially unnecessary service call by referencing the information below first:

  • Clean Filters every 1-3 months
    Filters must be checked and cleaned every 1-3 months. Heat pumps are designed to handle a specific amount of airflow. If this is reduced, so is the heat pumps’ performance. Remove dust by using a vacuum cleaner or by washing the filter(s). When you wash the filter, use neutral household detergent and warm water. After rinse the filter well, dry it throughly in a shaded place before you reinstall it.
  • Maintain your system annually
    Heat pump manufacturers highly recommends annual maintenance checks to address potential issues and ensure your system running at 100% efficiency. You will be contacted by a Kings Refrigeration team member 11 months from the purchase of your heat pump to arrange scheduled maintenance for your unit. If it has been over a year since your last maintenance, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in getting your unit maintained.
  • Keep the outdoor unit free from debris at all times
    Ensuring the outdoor unit is free from debris at all times such as grass clippings, twigs and leaves that can build up, compromising performance. Keep shrubs pruned back at least 18 inches from all sides of the heat pump to allow for proper airflow and servicing. Give the outdoor unit a spray with the hose now & then to rinse away any dust and dirt - be sure breaker is turned off before spraying!
  • Clear snow surrounding your heat pump
    During periods of heavy snowfall, it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure snow under the stand/wall brackets is a minimum of 8 inches from the bottom of unit and all snow is cleared at least 2ft. surrounding the unit to allow the unit to breathe properly. Please make sure to turn the unit off at the breaker before attempting to clear the area of snow.
  • Remove ice build up on the outdoor unit
    It is the owner’s responsibility to remove any ice build up on the outdoor unit and to ensure icicles and/or water from roof or gutters does not accumulate on the unit in winter conditions. Do not use any sharp objects to pick or knock the ice off the coils of the heat pump. Warm water may be used to melt ice; be sure to turn the unit off at the breaker before attempting to clear the area of ice.
  • Change remote batteries annually
    We recommend you change your remote batteries once annually. When the batteries are low it will not send strong enough signals to the unit and it may lead you to believe there is an issue with the unit.
  • Allow unobstructed access to your heat pump for maintenance
    Please provide technicians with access to the equipment (indoor & outdoor units) and its controls during maintenance or other work. (ie: moving all materials, fixtures or partitions that may interfere with the service provider’s work.)
  • Dripping
    It is a normal function of the heat pump to have water dripping from the drain tube in the outdoor unit during: heating mode when weather is above freezing defrost mode (and you may hear a “whooshing” sound) air conditioning mode
  • Errors
    If your indoor unit has an error, it will flash a specific code take note the blinks on the three lights of the front panel refer to your Owner's Manual to determine the issue. ie. 5 green 4 orange, continuous. Shut off main power on breaker panel, wait a minimum of 5 minutes then turn it back on. If code persists, record code and contact our office for assistance. If you turn off power with remote and not at the breaker or do not wait a minimum of 5 minutes the unit will fail to reset code.
  • Defrosting during heat mode
    In heating mode, the unit will periodically go into necessary defrost mode. If you turn the unit off during defrost, it will start the defrost cycle over when it is turned back on. Defrost mode is indicated on the interior unit by a solid green light flashing. During this mode you will notice a stoppage of heat flow. The unit will defrost as required. If the humidity in the air is high the unit will defrost more frequently. As the humidity decreases the unit will run longer without interruption. It will change from day to day with factors such as temperature and humidity.
  • Heat mode fan speed
    In the heating mode it is a normal function of the indoor fan to consistently run at varying speeds.
  • Using the remote
    When sending a command to your indoor unit you must be in close range for the unit to receive the signal from the remote. A “beep” can be heard and a green light will flash when command is successful.
  • Energy Saving Modes
    Familiarize yourself with the features such as” Energy Saver” “Economy” “Low Outdoor Noise” as these features may not be beneficial for everyone. See Owner’s Manual for full details. About Economy Mode: When ECONOMY operation mode is operated, the room temperature will be little higher than the set-temp under cooling mode and lower than set-temp under heating mode. Therefore, the ECONOMY mode is able to save more energy than other normal mode. In case of single-type air conditioner, at the maximum output, ECONOMY operation is approximately 70% of normal air conditioner operation for cooling and heating. In case of multi-type air conditioner, the ECONOMY operation mode is only available for the set indoor unit. If the room is not cooled (or heated) well during ECONOMY operation, select normal operation. During the monitor period in the AUTO mode, the air conditioner operation will not change to ECONOMY operation even if ECONOMY operation is selected by pressing the ECONOMY operation button.
  • A heat pump does not replace your primary heat source
    Please note that heat pumps are designed to work in tandem with your primary source of heat (oil, electric, etc) especially in extreme low temperatures. They should not replace your existing heat source.
  • Warranty exceptions charged at the homeowners’ expense
    Please note that your warranty does not cover diagnostic service calls. As a service to our customers, Kings Refrigeration has extended a 1 year waive of diagnostic service fees. Fujitsu will not cover service calls outside of regular business hours. If service is required outside of regular business hours, the fee will be 1.5 x regular rate plus mileage. Smoking cigarettes, burning candles & excessive pet hair in rooms where the units are located causes build up in the unit. These issues are not covered by the Fujitsu warranty if deemed to be the cause of damage. There will be a charge associated with correcting the issue. Service visits to remove debris or snow/ice from the outdoor unit is not covered by warranty. Regular maintenance is not covered by warranty. Repairs required that are not caused by a manufacturer’s defect, such as damage or malfunction resulting from a fire, water, storm, theft, riot, misuse, incorrect selections or improper use of the equipment are not covered. Please review the Warranty documents provided during installation for full details of coverage. All exceptions are charged at the homeowners’ expense.

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