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How to Prepare for the Installation of a Heat Pump

Kings Refrigeration technician installing a heat pump

Upgrading your home's heating and cooling system with a heat pump is an exciting venture. As you gear up for this positive change, we’ve got a simple checklist for you to make it a smooth and stress-free installation process.

Here's how you can prepare before our arrival:

Prepare Inside:

Start by removing any furniture, decorations, or personal belongings within the technician's path and away from the area where the indoor unit(s) will be mounted. This creates a clutter-free and easily accessible space for the technician to work. This simple step alone can significantly reduce installation time and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Don’t forget to also remove any photos, artwork, wall-mounted televisions, etc. hanging on the wall where the indoor unit(s) is to be mounted.

To alleviate potential stress during the installation, designate a quiet and secure space within your home for your pets. Give them their favorite toys, blankets, food, and water to keep them comfortable and content.

Once the pets are in place, inform the installation technician and tell them where the designated pet area is. That way, they can take appropriate precautions while working around your home and keep your furry friends happy. 

Prepare Outside:

You will need to prepare the outside space as well because most heat pumps have indoor and outdoor components.

For the outdoor unit, create ample space by clearing away debris, brush, snow, ice, etc. from all driveways, walkways, and any other areas our technicians may need to access outside, and surrounding the area where the outdoor unit is to be located. 

Any landscaping required to accommodate the heat pump system, such as bush removal, must be completed before we arrive (if applicable, the estimator will specify this during the original site visit and note it on your quote). 

Install Day:

On installation day you must be present at time of completion for our technicians to provide proper explanation of the operation of the new system. If no one is present at time of completion and we are required to make a return visit to provide an explanation of the system, you will be charged for an additional visit. 

Being present at this time not only gives you an opportunity to learn about the functionality & maintenance of your new system, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have, and ensure your system is running smoothly.

Preparing for a heat pump installation is essential for creating an efficient, smooth transition to a more sustainable heating and cooling solution. By following the guidelines listed above, you're setting the stage for a stress-free installation day, and because of that proactive effort, you'll soon be enjoying the warmth and comfort of your new heat pump system from Kings Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd.!


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